Tech Industry Gold Autumn Challenge 2020: Create a tech solution that helps more people to be more connected!

Deadline: November 16, 2020 00:00 (CET)|
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Eligibility: Teams of two to eight students.

Tech Industry Gold Autumn Challenge 2020

Technology is enabling businesses and educators to transform their modes of delivery. While this can bring great benefits, it also brings particular challenges in terms of digital exclusion.

Consider one of these challenges and create a tech solution that helps more people to be more connected in our rapidly changing world.

Tackle these challenges and help people be more connected

Here are some examples you may consider but you can create your own scenario too.

  • The workplace is changing, with a dramatic increase in companies’ use of web services for communication between their staff. Thinking about the web platforms you have used and recent innovations in this field, describe a new web service that would help a companies’ staff work together more effectively.
  • New approaches to online learning and providing a rich student experience are being deployed across the world. What is the most interesting tech solution you can envisage to help educators in the future?
  • Nearly 2 million households in the UK don’t have access to the internet, meaning many vulnerable people have no access to government websites and other critical online services, limited access to health information, no ability to buy or learn online, and no opportunity to video chat with family and friends. How can technology be used to help overcome digital exclusion?

What are the judges looking for?

The judges want to see your approach to developing a solution to a problem. They are looking for teamwork, creativity, and practicality – including an overview of what it would take to make your idea a reality.

An important tip is to explain your concept in an interesting and engaging way. Think ‘Dragon’s Den’ meets ‘The Apprentice’.


  • Each winning team will receive a trophy and £500 vouchers.
  • There will also be runners up prizes of £300 and £200 for each second and third team.
  • The judging panel will also offer individual spot prizes to students who stand out and impress them.


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