Strategic Marketing USA 2020: Setting the agenda for marketing teams globally!

Dates: November 5-6, 2020 |
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Strategic Marketing USA 2020

Strategic Marketing USA is uniting the world’s most influential CMOs to discuss the impact of brands on society, challenge what it means to be a brand and map a new future for marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are intelligently data-backed, and innovation drives growth.

Setting the agenda for marketing teams globally

Brands have a profound impact on society and culture.

The movements we champion, the people we promote, and the campaigns we launch – all influence the perceptions of humans around the world.

Consumers recognize our influential power and have become more interested in the values we stand for than the products themselves. So, how can you follow their lead, move beyond marketing, and create real communities passionate about your brand purpose?

4 essential themes for 2020

  • CMO Strategy & Trends for a Post-Covid World:
    CMOs share their plans for keeping brand relevancy in an ever-changing world, honing brand purpose, reinventing a legacy, and creating a culture of innovation.
  • Customer Insights & Understanding New Consumer Behavior:
    Customer needs, wants and expectations have changed. It’s time to fully understand your customer and their journey to unlock data-driven personalized experiences.
  • Agile Content & Creative:
    Cut through the noise with impactful interactions that inspire and connect with this shared global experience. Tell stories that engage on an emotional level and are grounded in brand purpose.
  • Digital, Social & Influencers:
    As we follow social-distancing guidelines, the channel of choice for many is social and influencers are at their most impactful. Video, influencers and the formula for social success.


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