The Music – Tech Innovation Challenge 2020


Applications call for the Music-Tech Innovation Challenge 2020

The Music – Tech Innovation Challenge is a competition aimed at identifying and developing innovative solutions across four opportunity areas in the Nigerian music industry that can benefit from the application of technology.

Focus areas:

The Music-Tech Innovation Challenge has a prime focus on four areas to find disruptive; market-ready solutions that can be deployed by stakeholders in the music industry. These four opportunity areas include:

  • Legal advisory for artists
  • Digitization of label operations
  • Artist Management
  • Event Management


  • Support: The winning teams will receive technical support to build out their products as well as access to market/potential clients.
  • Funding: There will be the possibility of funding for exceptional teams that demonstrate the potential to scale through direct funding from CcHUB.


The Challenge is open to entries from technology startups or teams across Nigeria with the skills and expertise required to build out their solutions. Candidates can submit ideas, working prototypes, or market-ready/launched solutions.


With over 50 years of combined experience in the Nigerian Music Industry, our key experts will play a key role in shortlisting, selection, and adoption of the solutions that will be born out of this challenge. They will also be holding virtual ideation workshops to provide more context for prospective applicants to the challenge. If you missed them, you can find recordings of all the workshops here.

Application and Shortlisting

The deadline for applications is October 17 (12 PM, WAT). 12 solutions will be shortlisted – and the shortlisting will be handled by the CcHUB team, the 4 key experts, and other selected music industry stakeholders.

The 12 shortlisted solutions will have to post on the challenge website and across our social media platforms. To build an active community of patrons that are excited about testing and using these solutions, the general public will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite solution to determine the “audience favorite”. The solution with the most audience votes will automatically be eligible as one of the winners of the challenge.

Deadline: 16 October 2020

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