AngelPad is a seed-stage accelerator program based in NYC and San Francisco and helped launch more than 150 companies since 2010.

We managed to become the #1 Accelerator in the U.S. (based on a real study from MIT/Brown University) and Strictly VC called us the “Anti-Y Combinator”.


Every 6 months, we select about 15 teams from a huge pool of applicants (usually around 2000) to work with us.

Our goal is to find awesome companies with founders, with whom we like to work and spend three very intense months.


During the program, we work on everything with our teams, including:

  • finding product-market fit
  • defining a target market
  • getting the first validation for the company
  • helping companies prepare for fundraising and of course for an investors meeting

What we do at AngelPad

During their first year when there are limited resources, no or little support, we were always the first investor in companies.

We offer them:

  • Mentorship:

This is a core of AngelPad and we make sure to provide tailored-to-need advice and guidance and just “one-size-fits-all” kind of advice that founders often get.

  • Funding:

We invest $120,000 in each company. Startups have also access to more than $300,000 in cloud credits from AWS, Google and Digital Ocean.

  • Community:

You will be working with other founders of the cohort, who will become the foundation of your support system and future network.

  • Investors:

We have a huge network where we are in contact with most investors, we know what they invest in and what gets them excited. On the other side, investors know us and believe in the quality of companies emerging from AngelPad


With over 140 companies in our portfolio, AngelPad startups can be found in almost any tech vertical, including:

SaaS, Marketplaces, Core Technology, Advertising, API, Mobile, Healthcare, AI, Data, B2B, B2C – even Drones.

The common thing that we expect from is to tackle big problems in big markets and aim to build very big companies.


  • Anyone from anywhere can apply to AngelPad.
  • Teams are asked to submit information about the business and the founding team.

You can apply from here.

Carine and Thomas review every application, and if we are interested, we’ll interview the founders in-person. Although the acceptance rate is low, very low, less than 1%, you should take your chance.

Source: AngelPad

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