Estonia: Company Incorporation


One of the greatest things about company incorporation in Estonia is that you can become an e-resident who is able to establish and manage a paperless EU based company. You can work 100% online, from anywhere in the world, with minimized costs, fewer papers, and a hassle-free administration.


The process of starting your company in Estonia consists of:

1. Becoming an e-resident:

To become an e-resident, you will need to get a digital ID. You start by applying online, you pay a state fee, and then you choose a pickup location.

2. Choosing a service provider:

You will need to obtain an Estonian contact person as well as a legal address from the following Marketplace.

3. Company Registration:

You can register your company structure online at e-Business Registry, after paying the state fee for company registration.

4. Applying for business banking:

You can easily find a fintech partner through the Marketplace, and that will help you cover the banking needs of your established company.

5. Participating in the community:

You can finally enjoy the benefits of being an active member of the e-Residency community and gain global and international networks to grow your business.


In order to incorporate your company in Estonia you will need to pay:

  • A state fee of €100-120
  • €30-150 monthly average for the service provider (may include bookkeeping and other features) 
  • A state company registration fee of €190
1.Rupblic of Estonia E-residency, accessed November 2020,

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