Thailand – Australia Trade Agreement

NameThailand – Australia
MembersThailand – Australia
Type of agreementBilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureJanuary 1, 2005
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. The elimination of 94% of Thailand’s tariff and quota barriers on imports from Australia as of 2010, with the remaining tariffs phasing to zero in 2015 or 2020.
2. More open access for Australian companies to Thailand’s services market and a commitment to liberalise two-way services trade in future.
3. Increased access for Australian investors in Thailand, permitting majority Australian ownership for businesses in certain sectors including mining operations, construction services, restaurants and hotels, tertiary education institutions, maritime cargo services and more.

For more details, kindly check the link in references.

1. Thailand – Australia Trade Agreement, accessed December 2020,

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