The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Funding Program

About the EPA:

The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal government agency whose mission is to protect people and the environment from significant health risks, to sponsor and conduct research, and to develop and enforce environmental regulations.

Operating Activities and Projects:

The EPA manages a range of projects aimed at encouraging energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainable growth, air and water quality and the reduction of pollution. These services shall include:

  • Air:
    • pollution and your impact
    • indoor air issues like asbestos
    • air quality research and data
    • emissions, greenhouse gases
  • Chemicals and Toxins
    • formaldehyde, mercury, other substances
    • how EPA handles spills
    • safer chemicals, TSCA
    • databases such as IRIS and SRS
  • Health:
    • effects of common pollutants
    • risk and exposure studies
    • asthma, children in school buildings
  • Land, Waste, and Cleanup:
    • landfills
    • hazardous waste
    • plastic and waterways
    • superfund, cleanups

Check out the rest of the list here. To learn more about their Laws and Regulations, visit the following website

Operating areas: 

The EPA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and have ten Regional offices, each of which is responsible for the execution of the programs within several states and territories.

Learn about their chart and geographic offices here.

Funding programs and opportunities:

Each year, EPA grants more than $4 billion in grants and other assistance arrangements. From small non-profit organizations to big state agencies, EPA works to help several visionary organizations accomplish their environmental targets. 

To check the current ongoing opportunities, click on this link. To learn about how to apply, click on this link. For further useful information, visit the following website.  

1. The EPA web site,

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