Afghanistan – India Trade Agreement

NameAfghanistan – India
MembersAfghanistan – India
Type of agreementBilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureMarch 6, 2003
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. India has granted substantial duty concessions to certain categories of Afghan dry fruit, from 50% to 100%. In exchange, Afghanistan allowed Indian products, including tea, sugar, cement and pharmaceuticals, to receive reciprocal concessions.
2. At the SAARC Summit in Male in November 2011, India abolished basic customs duties for all SAARC LDCs, giving all Afghan products (except alcohol and tobacco) duty-free access to the Indian market.
3. In June 2017, an Air-Freight Corridor linking India and Afghanistan was created, operating more than 500 corridor flights since its inception, carrying almost 7,000 tons of cargo worth over US$ 200 million.

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1. Afghanistan – India Trade Agreement, accessed November 2020,

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