Armenia – Georgia Trade Agreement

NameArmenia – Georgia
MembersRepublic of Armenia – Republic of Georgia
Type of agreementBilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureAugust 14, 1995
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. Only goods that have been entirely produced or sufficiently transformed in Georgia can be traded without tariffs. Goods not fulfilling these conditions (re-exports) will be subject to the respective external tariffs of the EaEU or the EU.
2. Between 2014 and 2015, the average tariff on imports
by Armenia under Most Favoured Nation rules despite its name this is the least preferential regime under WTO rules already increased from 4.4% to 8.3%.
3. Armenia’s EaEU membership will not lead to the cancellation of the bilateral GeorgiaArmenia FTA. Domestically produced goods can continue to be traded duty-free in the future. However, re-exports already shrunk due to different regulations and will continue to fall once higher tariffs are imposed.

For more details, kindly check the link in references.

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