Canada – Chile Trade Agreement

NameCanada – Chile
MembersCanada – Chile
Type of agreementBilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureDecember 5, 1996
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. Each year, over 725 Chileans travel to Canada with an International Experience Canada permit, which allows them to work for one year and study for up to six months in Canada.
2. Approximately 31,890 Chilean tourists visited Canada in 2018, compared to 20,348 in 2014, the year that Canada’s visa requirement for Chilean citizens was lifted.
3. Canada exported more than $984 million in merchandise to Chile in 2018, led by machinery, fats and oils, cereals, pharmaceutical products, and mineral fuels and oils. Imports from Chile totalled more than $1.8 billion led by base metals (mainly copper), fruits & nuts, precious stones and metals (mostly gold and silver), fish and seafood and beverages (mainly wine).

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1. Canada – Chile Trade Agreement, accessed November 2020,

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