MacArthur Foundation: Funding Programm

About MacArthur Foundation:

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people, effective institutions, and influential networks building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world.

Areas of  work:

MacArthur is making a few big bets that genuinely meaningful change is feasible on some of the most important social issues in the world, including advancing global climate solutions, decreasing nuclear risk, promoting local justice reform in the U.S., and reducing corruption in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

Enduring Commitments:

Areas of work in that we have a lengthy, strong and unwavering dedication.

Operating areas:

MacArthur has different offices in these following locations:

For more information, follow the following website.

Grants and funding programs:

As they seek clarity on how they work, they aim to make it clear to grant-seekers that much of the grants are committed to promoting strategies with unique program objectives. As a result, they usually do not fund unsolicited proposals.

Before submitting an application, it is suggested to carefully read the grant guidelines, that help applicants decide if their grant concept fits into a clear grant-making plan.

To see the grants and programs, have a look at this website.

Please note that the MacArthur Fellows Program, which awards unrestricted grants to exceptionally creative individuals, does not accept applications or public nominations.

1. The MacArthur Foundation, 

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