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To create a business, it is necessary to complete several steps, the exact extent of which depends on the legal status chosen.

There are several possibilities for the entrepreneur to start his own business. It is entirely possible to manage all of the formalities for setting up a business directly online.

Benefits of online company incorporation:

The creation of your business through an online service provider is a good compromise. You benefit from considerable time savings, the support of a specialized service provider (you can even sometimes talk to a professional about your project) and an efficient and intuitive online tool (provided that you choose your service provider), while limiting the budget devoted to your business creation, the offers being often fairly accessible.

How to start your company online?

To create your company online, you have two options:

  • Delegate the creation of your business to an online service provider
  • Be responsible for creating your own business by managing your paperless processes and then sending your file to the

For the creation of sole proprietorship, the formalities are relatively simple and they can be easily managed by the entrepreneur himself.

The dematerialized drafting of the company’s status:

To write your statutes in a dematerialized way, you have several options:

  • If you write your own company’s status: the easiest solution is to upload a template of articles to a reliable website and then complete it yourself. Make sure that all mandatory information and all additional useful clauses are included in the downloaded template.
  • If you entrust the drafting of your statutes to an online service provider: you will have to provide a certain amount of information by completing an online questionnaire. Then, depending on the service chosen, your statutes will be generated automatically or drafted by a lawyer.

Online management of other procedures:

To constitute a company, several other steps must be accomplished including: publishing a notice of incorporation, completing a declaration of the creation of a legal person, and establishing a declaration of non-conviction for each manager.

Most of these steps can be easily done on the internet, with the exception of:

  • the deposit of cash contributions in a blocked account. In most cases, it is necessary to go to a banking establishment to make the payment of the immediately released contributions and obtain a certificate of deposit of funds.
  • when necessary, the assessment of contributions in kind by a contribution auditor. In this case, a professional intervenes “physically” to check the contributions and draw up his report.

If you are setting up your business using an online provider, all of these steps are taken by the latter. You will only need to electronically sign the documents.

Online transmission of the business registration application:

If you choose to entrust the creation of your business to an online service provider, the latter will take care of all the procedures until obtaining your K-Bis extract. You, therefore, have nothing to send to the registry. You will have to communicate in a dematerialized way all the supporting documents to be attached to the declaration of the creation of your company.

If you make your own registration request online, you can use the website This site has an internet service that allows you to request the registration of your business. For this you will need:

  • create your account on
  • complete an online form on the site
  • attach the supporting documents requested in digital format
  • and pay the registration fees by bank card in secure payment

You will receive an acknowledgment email confirming the receipt of your file. If the file is complete, the K-Bis extract will be sent to you shortly.

Simplify your business creation with online platforms:

Now, there are a large number of internet platforms that offer you to start your business online and take care of all of your business creation steps. The management of your business creation is completely dematerialized and the service provider takes care of everything: from drafting your company’s status to obtaining your K-Bis extract.

Source: Les coins des entrepreneurs
Last Updated: 13 April 2020

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