SyndicateRoom: Crowdfunding Process

  • Target location: Global
  • Platform fee: They charge a follow-up fee of 4% on any subsequent investment made by a nominee investor in a future round.
  • Model: Equity-based
  • Operating from: Cambridge, UK
  • Ideal For: Startups and small scale businesses
SyndiacteRoom Crowdfunding platform

About SyndiccateRoom:

SyndicateRoom is a fintech company made up of data-scientists, investment professionals, software developers and marketers with one purpose: to structure and fund the world of startups so that everyone – entrepreneurs, their teams, investors big and small, and society in general – can share in its profits, advancements, and excitement.

SyndicateRoom connects ambitious investors with trailblazing organizations and it is great for multi-sector private investments. Founded in 2013, SyndicateRoom has quickly scaled up to have more than 100 high-growth businesses in their portfolio. This crowdfunding platform has built a solid trust and reputation amongst the fundraisers and contributors.

How it works for investors:

How we select startups for your portfolio?

Access EIS tracks performance data of over 1,000 active startup investors. It then selects and co-invests with some of the best-performing “super angels” with the aim of replicating their collective success.

Your capital will be invested exclusively into startups with backing from one or more super angels and your investments will always be made on equal economic terms with them too.

On average, a super angel’s startup portfolio grows at 42% a year and each super angel has a demonstrable track record of backing top startups before others spot them. Their seed investments include UK startup success stories like Revolut (valued at $5.5bn in Feb 2020), Horizon Discovery (LON: HZD), Magic Pony Technology (sold to Twitter) & Swiftkey (sold to Microsoft).

Processing Fees:

The total fees were already 48% less than legacy EIS funds*, but for a limited period, they’ve reduced fees for new investments even further.

Pay no set-up fee if you invest before Monday 10th August.

New investments into Access EIS will be deployed into startups once they reach the £6.5m target and the promotion ends.

Access EIS
EIS Fund*
DiversificationHigh (50+ investments)Low (7 Investments)
Minimum subscription£5,000£19,167
Life-time management fees
(assuming 7 year holding period)
10.5% (was 12.5%)24.3%
% saving vs typical EIS fund56% (was 48%)
Set-up fee (deployment)0%** (was 2%)2.33%
Annual portfolio management fee
(max. 7 years)
Deal fee0%0.84%
Annual admin fee0%0.36%
Exit fee0%0.46%
Performance fee (carry)10%20%
Fees to investee companies2%3.9%
Annual company fee0%1.1%

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