A comprehensive guide of a business plan!

A business plan is a written document that describes a business, its objectives, its strategies, its market and its financial forecasts.

It states business goals, shows why they are believed attainable and details a plan to reach them. It is also helps to monitor the business performance in order to stay on track.

From components like the executive summary, to product description, milestones, and financials, we will frame your path through all of the key sections you should include in a business plan that generally consists of the following components:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Summary
    • Company Summary
    • Management Summary
    • Products and Services
      • Products/services description
      • Production
  3. Business Model Canvas
  4. Market Analysis Summary
    • Industry background
    • Market Analysis
      • Demand point of view
      • Supply point of view
      • Legal framework
    • SWOT Analysis
  5. Porter Five Forces
  6. Strategy and Implementation Summary
    • Evaluating the value of your supply
    • Setting the objectives
    • Elaborating a strategy – marketing mix
      • Product Policy
      • Price Policy
      • Place Policy
      • Promotion and Exploitation Policy
    • Segmentation and positioning strategies
  7. Financial Plan Summary
    • Assumptions
    • Sales forecast
    • Cash flow statements
    • Profits and losses forecast
    • Break-even analysis
    • Seasonality
    • Scenarios
    • Risk analysis
    • Exit Strategy
  8. Millstones
    • Production Development
    • Manufacturing/Distributing
    • Early Customer & Revenue
    • Testimonials & Social Proof
    • Partnerships
    • Intellectual Property
    • Press Mentions
  9. Funding
    • Funding Goal
    • Terms
    • Use of funds
    • Millstones
    • Why Invest? / Conclusion

1.    Executive Summary

It is a summary of the entire plan and should include highlights from each section of the document. It is aimed at explaining the basics of the business in a way to inform and interest the reader.

Main advice:

  • Be specific! No more than one page.
  • It must deliver a brief answer to the following important questions related to your business: What? Where? To whom? Why?
  • Do not complicate any information, be precise and to the point.

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