Business Plan Guidebook: Business Summary!

Describe the vision of the business related to the Eco-Innovation initiative.

1.  Company Summary

  • Mission statement, entrepreneurial culture and corporate identity, i.e. founding characteristics of the company.
    • Start-up summary: when you started or intend to start and first action plan.
    • Type of business and sector.
    • Any relevant company history and what you foresee for the future development.

2. Management Summary

  • Company legal structure.
    • Company organization chart.
    • Human resources and company divisions involved in the project.
    • Project management methodology.
    • Personnel plan, i.e. hiring plan and related costs.
  • Products and Services
  • Products/services description

Some suggestions

  • What makes your product/service different, i.e. Unique Selling Point or competitive advantage.
    • What benefits it offers.
    • Why customers would buy it from you instead of your competitors.
    • Potential patents, trademarks or design registrations.
  •  Production

Some suggestions

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