Adevinta: Sweden Venture Capital

About Adevinta:

Adevinta is an online classifieds specialist, helping local digital marketplaces thrive and offering them the global connections and the necessary knowledge. They have been developing leading local brands, with an average of 1.3 billion visits to their sites every month.


  • Adevinta invests in fast-growing European startups aiming to shape the future of marketplaces.
  • They provide initial investments of up to €5 million in addition to the follow-on capacity.
  • They are not just a typical CVC; they contribute with marketing, data, smart integrations and expertise.

Process to submit a pitch deck:

You submit your pitch deck to Adevinta, here.

Investment phase:

Adevinta mainly invests in early-stage: Series A and Series B. 

Operating area:

Adevinta operates digital online classifieds in 12 countries in Europe, Latin America, and North Africa.

Business investment categories:

Adevinta primary investment categolries are:

  • Proptech
  • Fintech
  • Future of work & education
  • Mobility


You can check investments’ portfolio, here.

Get in touch with Adevinta:

Press Contact:

Postal address:
Adevinta ASA
Postboks 490 Sentrum
NO-0105 Oslo

Visiting address:
Grensen 5
NO-0159 Oslo
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