EQT Ventures: Sweden Venture Capital

About EQT Ventures:

Founded in 2015, and launched in May 2016, EQT Ventures had a clear mission of becoming the kind of VC that any team would like to have to support their startup journeys.

Being backed by some of Europe’s most obsessive company builders, and having a strong team (engineers, Scaling experts, designers, marketers, data scientists), EQT Ventures works on supporting ambitious founders.


EQT ventures provides entrepreneurs with:

  • Hands-on experience
  • Support to become global winners
  • Advice throughout different stages

Investment phase:

Ventures team invests in different stages of growth.

Operating area:

EQT funds have portfolio companies in: Europe, Asia and USA.

EQT Ventures is based across six different offices: London, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Paris, and San Francisco.

Business investment categories:

EQT Ventures is sector-agnostic: it doesn’t focus on one specific market or industry.


  • Cleo: “Radically transforming the next generation’s relationship with money”.
  • wonder: “Bringing next-gen group interactions online”.
  • Peanut: “The first social network connecting women at similar stages in life”.

You can find the full portfolio of EQT ventures, here.

Get in touch with EQT Ventures:

Job enquiries:

Press contact:


You can find all offices’ addresses, here.

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