Afkar works on gathering key stakeholders around a defined problem with the aim of developing implementable solutions and making joint commitments for the attending stakeholders to act within their spheres of influence. It is mainly a support program that helps entrepreneurs in bringing the action plan to real life.


“Our incubation program’s objective is to prepare the entrepreneurs for launching their projects on solid grounds.”

Location and duration:

Afkar Incubator is a free six-month program that is based in Tunis where the involvement of the incubated entrepreneurs varies upon the phases. 


Through this program, you will be able to join a great collaborative and friendly environment where you will have a lot of experiences.

During these six months, you will mainly be working on:
– Formulating your value proposition
– Experimenting, testing, and validating your hypotheses
– Constructing your Business Plan
– Developing a Proof of Concept and a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
– Developing your brand and increasing your notoriety

By the end of the program, the entrepreneurs may be able to develop their proof of concept, some would have their prototypes ready, and others would even manage to get their first customer. The entrepreneurs’ projects will then be ready for the next step of an acceleration program adapted to their needs.


Entrepreneurs must be able to commit to around twenty hours per week to participate in the program activities and fulfill the requirements.


You can apply online from here, and then you will go through different phases of selection.

You will need to provide information like: personal information, project idea, project phase, etc..

Note: The application for candidates is now closed, but you still can share your project idea and you will be informed when the next session of the incubator and the call for applications start.

Source: Afkar

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