We are a diverse team of founders, makers, operators, executors, investors, and tech-enthusiasts. Our global HQ is in London at Google Campus.

We invest early in world-class founders who are attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.

Once you join the Seedcamp, you’ll benefit from access to a global network, a great community of founders, and unlock smart capital for your next funding rounds.

Who should apply?

The right time to approach Seedcamp for investment would be for companies in the phase of:

  • prototype
  • pre-launch
  • launch
  • post revenue.

Businesses at different stages are welcomed, from the prototype (pre-revenue) phase through to when you have early revenue, you can be considered for investment.

Although we tend to focus on European founders, we are happy to consider founders from other geographies if we can both agree on a way to create value.

Target sectors:

There is no specific sector targeted, but we focus on funding founders who are creating a business that:

  • is valuable
  • is tech-oriented
  • addresses large markets
  • solves big problems

What do we look for?

We believe that success comes in different shapes, so we consider various factors when selecting candidates, including:

  • the quality of the founding team
  • how well they’ve considered their customer
  • the market size of their opportunity
  • their customers’ challenges
  • how this represents itself in the product they’ve created
  • how much funding is required to really demonstrate product-market fit

How do we help companies raise money?

Being a part of Seedcamp, entrepreneurs will be exposed to leading global investors both in Europe and the US, to make sure you are meeting the right people and identifying who the right future partners for your startup will be.


There are six stages to the Seedcamp pre-seed investment process:

Step 1 – Submission

Startups submit their details via our website. There are few questions asked but they have a great importance as the first step of our process as they provide us a quick overview of the business. Companies will also be asked to provide a link to their deck.

Step 2 – Initial Review

Once the form has been submitted, a card will be created in our internal deal flow management system. Each card is assigned to a member of the Seedcamp investment team for review. After the initial review, startups will be notified of the decision.

Step 3 – Deeper Look

Startups that are successful in reaching this stage are eligible for further internal review by additional members of the Seedcamp investment team and the investors in our fund. This stage aims to gather more information and dive deeper into reviewing the business to consider possible investments.

Step 4 – First Interaction

At this stage, we will be following up with questions that have arisen from our internal review in order to learn more about the business from the founders.  

Step 5 – Meeting

This is the last stage in our process and it involves a presentation to the entire Seedcamp investment team. The meeting will take one hour approximately, where we will follow-up on some of the key areas that we’ve identified.

Note: Even when a startup was not successful at securing an investment from us, they will receive a feedback on the reasons why.   


Read more about all the stages of our pre-seed investment process here.


We make a set of pre-seed commitments 6 times a year at regular intervals. The process from submission through to receiving a decision would take a maximum of 2 months

Investment amount:

We will lead your pre-seed round of investment with a cheque of between £150-180K, usually targeting 6.5% equity, in rounds up to £500K. We will co-invest in seed rounds of up to £2M as long as you have a lead investor.

Source: Seedcamp

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