Biogeneration Ventures: Netherlands Venture Capital

About NIBC Biogeneration Ventures:

NIBC Biogeneration Ventures (BGV) is a venture capital firm that invests in innovative early stage companies.

BGV mainly acts as lead investor, with over €220 million raised across four funds and 10 successful exits, since 2006.


NIBC Biogeneration Ventures offer:

  • Experience
  • Extensive industry network
  • Sector-relevant expertise
  • Product development acceleration

Investment phase:

NIBC Biogeneration Ventures mainly invests in early-stage ventures.

Operating area:

NIBC Biogeneration Ventures focuses its investments within the European area.

Business investment categories:

NIBC Biogeneration Ventures mainly invests in life sciences companies working on:

  • Medical innovation
  • Healthcare innovation


These are some companies that Biogeneration Ventures invested in:

  • Bioceros: “offers cell line generation services related to the preclinical development of monoclonal antibodies”.
  • Catalym: “develops antibodies against a placental factor which is overexpressed by various tumour types”.
  • Surgvision: “develops fluorescence imaging systems including tracers for use in image-guided surgery”.

You can find the full portfolio of Biogeneration Ventures, here.

Get in touch with Biogeneration Ventures:

If you want to contact NIBC Biogeneration Ventures you can use:

  • Phone Number: +31 (0) 35 699 30 00
  • Email:
  • Address:
    Gooimeer 2-35
    1411 DC Naarden
    The Netherlands
1. Biogeneration Ventures, accessed January 2021,

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