UNIIQ: Netherlands Venture Capital

About UNIIQ:

Founded in 2013, UNIIQ is a € 22 million investment fund. It focuses on on the proof-of-concept phase, trying to bring unique innovations to market faster.

The fund is set up by a consortium of Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University, and the regional development agency Innovation Quarter.


UNIIQ offers:

  • Funding of up to € 300,000 in the proof-of-concept phase, as well as milestone-based funding.
  • Investment instruments (redeemed over a three-year, or converted on the valuation of a follow-up investor, minus 25%).
  • Financial and strategic issues support.
  • The support of well-experienced investment managers.
  • Access to a huge investors’ and financiers network (who may provide capital).

Investment phase:

UNIIQ Mainly invests in early-stage risk. They support academic spin-offs, startups as well as SMEs with disruptive innovations.

Operating area:

UNIIQ helps entrepreneurs in West Holland.

Business investment categories:

UNIIQ focuses on technological innovation firms.


These are some companies that UNIIQ invested in:

  • Addoptics: “Faster and more flexible testing with prototypes”.
  • Captain AI: “First tests with a fully autonomous ship”.
  • Sense Glove: “makes it possible to feel in virtual and augmented reality”.

You can find the full portfolio of UNIIQ, here.

Get in touch UNIIQ:

You can get in touch with UNIQ through following this form.

1. UNIIQ, accessed January 2021, https://uniiq.nl/en/

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