Newion Investments: Netherlands Venture Capital

About Newion Investments:

Founded in 2000, Newion is a venture capital firm that is based in Amsterdam. It focuses on early-stage investments in B2B software companies within different European areas (North/West Europe) and supports entrepreneurs to create sustainable impact.


Newion provides entrepreneurs with Hands-on:

  • Approach
  • Capital
  • Knowledge
  • Network
  • Experience

For that, they will need to:

  • Have a unique vision and product.
  • Have initial customers’ interest, validating their global potential.
  • Invest in their organization.
  • Realize that it will take another 4 to 8 quarters to prove or scale their proposition.
  • Have recurring revenues of €1 to 5 million.

Investment phase:

Newion mainly invests in early-stage ventures.

Operating area:

Newion supports companies that are headquartered in North/West Europe.

Business investment categories:

Newion invests exclusively in business software.


Here are some of the companies that Newion invested in:

  • Mediatool: “a professional media planning collaboration software for marketers and agencies”.
  • Roadmap: “a fully customizable traveler-centric corporate travel SaaS platform”. 
  • Synple: “Road transportation of heavy and special loads and fast-moving consumer goods”.

You can find the full portfolio of Newion, here.

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1. Newion Investments, accessed January 2021,

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