INDEX Ventures: USA Venture Capital

About Index ventures:

Index Ventures was founded in 1996 and since then the venture capital partnered with exceptional entrepreneurs with the aim of reshaping the world, using technology.

They started several companies including Slack, Supercell, Dropbox, Farfetch, King, and a lot more. And with more than 839 investments made, Index ventures focused on investing in people and not just deals.


Index targets ambitious entrepreneurs to help them turn bold ideas into global businesses.

And in addition to fostering explosive growth, Index Ventures focuses on building lifelong relationships with the entrepreneurs they work with, across all sectors.

Investment phase:

Index Ventures mainly invests in:

  • Early Stage Venture
  • Late Stage Venture
  • Seed

Operating area:

Index Ventures is based in London, San Francisco, and Geneva.

They have a strong interest in global expansion, that is why the venture capital started in Europe, and it is continuing to bring an international perspective.

Business investment categories:

Index Ventures are no longer focusing on just “Tech”, they are now trying to focus on all sectors.


Names of some companies that Index Ventures invested in:

  • Pitch: “a software technology company started in January 2018 in Berlin, is building a new platform for presentations and content collaboration for individuals and teams.”
  • Algolia: ” offers a SaaS search API built for developers to deliver real-time, typo-tolerant and location-aware search in their applications and websites.”
  • Aurora: “Aurora delivers the benefits of self-driving technology quickly and safely around the world”

You can find the full list of companies, here.

Get in touch with Index Ventures:

You can visit Index Ventures main offices or contact them by phone:

San Francisco:

139 Townsend Street
Suite 505
San Francisco, CA 94107 United States+1 415 471 1700


3 Burlington Gardens
United Kingdom+44 20 7154 2020


Rue de Jargonnant 2
1207 Geneva
Switzerland+41 22 737 0000


2nd Floor
24 Sand Street
St Helier, Jersey
JE2 3QF+44 1534 833 404

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