Mountain Partners: Switzerland Venture Capital

About Mountain Partners:

Mountain Partners venture capital, founded in 2005, is known for being a global company builder & early-stage investor. The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, managing more than 120 investments in various sectors.


Mountain Partners works on selecting, building, and developing young, disruptive technology companies. Through its global network of international hubs, strong global presence as well as leading international teams, the venture capital captures the full value creation potential of the digital revolution.

It invests in startups, manages seed and growth funds, and also captures global opportunities for its supported companies.

Investment phase:

Mountain Partners invests in different stages:

  • Founding and early stages
  • Growth stage
  • Later stage and public

Operating area:

Mountain Partners operates basically in Europe, in addition to an international network of 12 regional hubs in the most emerging global markets:

  • Europe: Zurich/ Munich/ Berlin
  • Americas: Mexico/ Bogotá/ Santiago de Chile
  • Asia Bangkok/ Jakarta/ Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/ Tokyo

Business investment categories:

The main categories that Mountain Partners invests in are:

  • Fintech
  • InsurTech
  • E-commerce & consumer tech
  • Enterprise tech
  • Health tech
  • Media & marketing

Submit your Startup:

To submit your Startup to Mountain Partners, you need to fill the “submit your startup” form.


Names of some companies that Mountain Partners invested in:

  • AmberAds: ” A mobile app marketing technology company that increases the in-app sales and user engagement of mobile applications by running performance-based mobile app re-engagement campaigns worldwide”
  • Myos: “Myos offers merchants a radically new form of easy and fast working capital financing – focused on goods, AI- and data-driven, without annuities or personal guarantees.”
  • Club Point: “Club Point is an online private shopping club that offers clothing, electronics, sports accessories, and other items at preferred prices for a limited period of time.”

Mountain Partners has a diverse portfolio of 120+ companies that you can find here.

Get in touch with Mountain Partners:

You can get in touch with Mountain Partners by contacting them here.

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