Polytech Ecosystem Ventures: Switzerland Venture Capital

About Polytech Ecosystem Ventures:

Polytech Ecosystem is an early-stage venture capital firm, founded in 2008, in Switzerland and in Silicon Valley with an important international presence.

Its strategic location at EPFL in Lausanne is the secret behind Polytech Ecosystem Ventures becoming one of the most dynamic and recognized innovation centers in the world. That’s in addition to their permanent presence in Silicon Valley which guarantees access to a strong startups’ ecosystem.


Polytech Ecosystem venture focuses on:

  • Helping start-ups in acquiring customers and partners through their personal networks.
  • Helping European start-ups establishing a business in the USA.
  • Helping American start-ups entering the European market.
  • Building bridges for startups between the American and European markets thanks to its dual geographical presence.
  • Building bridges between start-ups and large corporations and also between early-stage and late-stage investors.
  • An initial investment that usually ranges between CHF 100k and CHF 500k and with a possibility of investing up to CHF 2.5M in a company (depends on the importance of the business growth)

Investment phase:

Polytech Ecosystem Ventures are considered as an “early-stage investor advisor“. They prefer to invest during a Seed round but they also consider participating in a Series A.

Operating area:

Polytech Ecosystem Ventures operates mainly on Swiss start-ups but they also review European and USA opportunities.

Business investment categories:

Polytech Ecosystem Ventures is always seeking startups with a focus on:

  • Industries’ digital transformation
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Big data
  • IoT transforming industries.


In order to get your startup considered by Polytech Ecosystem Ventures, you will need to:

1. Send them a mail with your pitch deck and contact details.
2. In case they are interested to learn more, you will need to provide them with:

  • your investor pitch
  • details on your company
  • details on your product
  • your business model
  • your team
  • your financial forecasts.

3. Pitch your project to one of the team members, then to the whole investment committee.


Names of some companies that Polytech Ecosystem Ventures invested in:

  • BlueFox: “Bluefox gives retail stores and any type of brick-and-mortar location knowledge on traffic, from those who pass by to visitors. “
  • The Glue: “The Glue is a new solution which enables financial institutions to quickly develop innovative financial services for today’s consumers.”

You can check PolyTech Ecosystem Ventures full portfolio, here.

Get in touch with Polytech Ecosystem Ventures:

If you are a startup looking for funding, an investor who is willing to co-invest in a startup or if you are just a knowledge seeking student, all you will need to do is to fill in the form with the subject of your mail. 

1. Polytech Venture, accessed November 2020, https://polytechventures.ch/

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