Swisscom: Switzerland Venture Capital

About Swisscom:

Swisscom Ventures is the venture capital arm of Swisscom AG, leading in telecommunication and ICT provision in Switzerland.

Since 2007, the venture capital has invested in more than 50 technology companies in Switzerland (Zurich and Bern) and the USA (Silicon Valley).


Swisscom offers different opportunities related to:

  • Operations:

The venture capital gives companies access to key experts from different fields like operations, technical development, marketing, sales, finance, marketing as well as talent development.

  • Expertise:

Thanks to a strong network of trusted customers in Switzerland, Swisscom will help you grow and pilot your products.

  • Scale:

You will have the chance to work with key account managers, have your products listed in Swisscom shops and marketplaces, and will also benefit from Swisscom’s global technology partnerships.

  • Network:

You will be connected with key executives at industry events and featured in Swisscom’s Innovation Days.

  • Financing:

Swisscom is usually leading or co-leading several financing rounds.

Investment phase:

Swisscom prefers series A investment rounds to be able to support companies over a long period of time:

  • Seed: $1-2 M for R&D and product development.
  • Early – Series A: $2-10 M for product launch.
  • Startup – Series B: $2-5 for commercial roll-out.
  • Growth – Series C: $10 -20M for expansion.

Operating area:

Swisscom invests in talents and outstanding companies in, both, Switzerland and internationally.

  • In Switzerland: they look in particular at the Swiss high-tech companies and University Spin-offs.
  • Internationally: they focus on the USA, Europe, and Israel that are considered as the most promising clusters.

Business investment categories:

Swisscom invests mainly in:

  • Well-positioned digital technologies
  • High-tech
  • Telecom and IT Infrastructure
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity

Get Funded – Process:

  1. Fill a simple questionnaire, here.
  2. Swisscom team will get back to you within a few days with their primary decision of whether your project is a good fit for their strategy or not.

Note: An investment manager will review your application, then the data collected through the process will be treated confidentially and only used to assist the qualification process.

Names of some companies that Swisscom invested in:

  • Aircall: ” Next-generation cloud call center solution”
  • Kandou: “High-speed energy-efficient chip to chip link solution”
  • Avrios: “Cloud-based fleet management platform”

You can see the full portfolio of Swisscom , here.

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