Roche Venture Fund: Switzerland Venture Capital

About Roche Venture fund:

Roche, a venture capital founded in 2002, is known for being a global leader in the field of medicines and in-vitro diagnostics.

Roche has allocated CHF 500 million with the aim of investing in and developing commercially successful and innovative life science companies that benefit patients.


Roche provides more than just funds, they are committed to providing:

  • Expertise
  • Long term vision
  • Culture of innovation

Ideally, Roche would invest CHF 3-10 million for a first financing round with a 15% ownership stake but the amount always varies depending on the size of the company.  

Investment phase:

Roche Venture Fund focuses on Series A investments.

Note: For therapeutics, they like to invest in preclinical companies, while for diagnostics, they prefer 12-18 months to launch.

Operating area:

Roche Venture Fund is operating in Basel, Switzerland, and South San Francisco, USA.

Business investment categories:

Roche Venture Fund invests in:

  • Life science companies
  • Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Innovative medicines diagnostics and technologies companies


Names of some companies that Roche Venture Fund invested in:

You can find the full portfolio of Roche Venture Fund, here.

Get in touch with Roche Venture Fund:

If you are interested in collaborating, want to introduce an interesting technology, or if you have a potential idea of any of their main areas of interest, you can get in touch with Roche Venture Fund by filling one of these forms.

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