CARICOM – Cuba Trade Agreement

NameCARICOM – Cuba
MembersAntigua and Barbuda – Bahamas – Barbados – Belize – Cuba — Dominica – Grenada – Guyana- Haiti – Jamaica – Montserrat – Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Lucia – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Suriname – Trinidad and Tobago
Type of agreementMultilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureJuly 5, 2000
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. The Agreement provides for duty-free treatment on approximately 1,400 products from CARICOM that would benefit from concessions by Cuba.
2. The Agreement provides for preferential market access for CARICOM, for Meat and edible meat offal products.
3. A limited number of agricultural products, namely potatoes, melon, papaya and rice, from CARICOM, are subject to seasonal trading arrangements when imported into Cuba.
4. Under the Second Protocol, Cuba further expanded duty free access to about 350 additional items including beer, rum, cement, soap and apparel.

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1. CARICOM – Cuba Trade Agreement, accessed November 2020,

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