SADC Trade Agreement

MembersAngola – Botswana – Lesotho – Malawi – Mauritius – Mozambique – Namibia – South Africa – Swaziland – Tanzania – Zambia – Zimbabwe
Type of agreementMultilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureAugust 24, 1996
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. Most customs duties had been eliminated on goods from the participating Member States (i.e. about 85% of goods attained zero duty in January 2008) and a Common Tariff System was applied to import of goods from non-Member States.
2. External tariff against non-member countries to the free internal trade within the area. The eventual goal is a SADC Common Market, which has the benefits of free internal trade, a common tariff, and free movement of labour and capital among Member States.
3. Gradual elimination of customs duties on 85% of tariff lines by 2008 and with tariffs on the remaining ‘sensitive products’ being eliminated by 2012.

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1. SADC Trade Agreement, accessed November 2020,

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