CEMAC Trade Agreement

MembersCameroon- Central African Republic – Congo – Gabon – Equatorial Guinea – Chad.
Type of agreementMultilateral Free Trade Agreement
Date of signatureMarch 16, 1994
Current StatusOn-going
Key points1. To harmonize the regulation of the sectoral policies in the essential fields prescribed by the Treaty, namely, agriculture, fisheries, industry, trade, tourism, transport and telecommunications, energy and environment, research, teaching and vocational training.
2. Taxation: the Economic Union harmonizes the tax laws that govern economic and financial activities. The regulations necessary for the development of common tax legislation are adopted, on the proposal of the Executive Secretariat, by the Council acting unanimously.
3. The common market: elimination of internal customs duties, quantitative restrictions on the entry and exit of goods, taxes having equivalent effect, any other effect measurement.

For more details, kindly check the link in references.

1. CEMAC Trade Agreement, accessed December 2020, https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/scr/2006/cr06309.pdf

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