Investiere: Switzerland Venture Capital

About Investiere:

Investiere was founded by Lukas Weber and Steffen Wagner, in 2010. Its goal is to create a transparent and efficient startup investing.

Around 68 business angels are involved with Investiere, in addition to Zürcher Kantonalbank that took a minority stake in it, in Summer 2016.

In 2019, Investiere had:

  • 33Mio CHF Invested
  • 25 Startups
  • 2245 companies screened


Investiere offers, both, private and institutional investors advantages such as:

  • Direct and professional access to startup investments
  • Not charging startups any fees (for early-stage rounds)
  • Funding Power
  • High-Quality Network
  • Fast & lean process

With more than 70 investments made, Investiere became one of the most active startup investors in Switzerland.

Investment phase:

Investiere invests in rounds on the :

  • early stage
  • growth stage

Operating area:

Investiere provides investments to European based companies.

Category of business investment:

Investiere is basically focusing on building disruptive, technology-driven companies showing high potential and promising to return multiple times the invested capital.

Submit your project with Investiere – Process:

  1. Make sure to read the selection criteria carefully
  2. Fill out the screening questionnaire.
  3. If they think that you match the criteria, you will be invited to further discussions with the venture capital.
  4. If they are interested in your case, they will get back to you within two weeks.

Note that:

  • A pitch deck or idea without validation is not sufficient.
  • The proof of technology in addition to a complete and well-functioning core team are decisive factors.

Names of some companies that Investiere invested in:

  • Wingtra:

“In 2019 investiere contributed CHF 1.3 million to Wingtra’s CHF 10 million Series A financing round led by Helvetica Capital.The ETH spin-off builds drones for large scale mapping and surveying and already services clients across the globe from the US to Australia”.

  • EcoRobotix

“ecoRobotix has developed a solar-powered weeding robot that drastically reduces the amount of pesticides farmers use. investiere participated in ecoRobotix CHF 3 million Series A round in 2016 and in the CHF 10.6 million Series B round. The latter was led by BASF venture capital and Paris-based AgTech VC Capagro.”

  • Kiwi

“In 2018, investiere contributed almost half the funds to Kiwi’s Series A CHF 3.2 million financing round. Kiwi’s easy-to-use card reader allows small merchants in emerging markets to accept card payments and apply for preapproved microloans”.

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