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About Novartis:

Novartis Venture Fund – NVF manages over USD 800 million in committed capital and more than 40 portfolio companies.

Thanks to NVF, more than 1000 jobs were created, in addition to 18
Phase 1 and 2, clinical programs.

They are enhancing their strategy to make larger and more focused investments, and they are anticipating a total investment of up to USD 30 million per company over its life.


Novartis retains and invests in innovative life science companies, in order to:

  • Fosters innovation
  • Drive significant patient benefits
  • Generate superior returns

Investment phase:

NVF is stage agnostic: it engages in investments from seed- to later-stage.

Operating area:

NVP invests globally: North AmericaEuropeIsrael, and Asia/Pacific.

Business investment categories:

The main investment category is Biotechnology/Biopharma Health care sector.

Valuation and Investment – Process:

The valuation and investment process at NVP happens as follow:

  1. Reviewing the non-confidential information about the company: team, technology/data, financial, and exit plan.
  2. A further evaluation of business proposals based on confidential presentations by the management team.

Note: NVP’s Investments are made as equity participation.

Names of some companies that Novartis invested in:

  • Anaveon: developed a selective IL-2 Receptor Agonist for cancer treatment.
  • Exo Therapeutics developed small-molecule enzyme inhibitors targeting the distal binding pockets (exo-sites) to reprogram the activity of enzymes while focusing on high-value oncology indications.
  • Forendo: a company working on drug discovery and development with the main focus being tissue-specific regulation of sex hormone effects.

You can check Novartis portfolio here.

Contact Novartis:

You can contact Novartis through one of their 04 offices in Basel, Switzerland, and Cambridge, MA, USA.

You can check which is the closest office to your company for further information.

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